Monday, June 27, 2011

We're not in Kansas anymore

Virginia.  Virginia Virginia Virginia.  Well.  It's our last state.  We are in Danville tonight.  Today was actually a pretty cool day because we are out of the Appalachian mountains for good!  Growing up in Utah I have always been told that The Appalachian mountains were small and basically "big hills" compared to the Wasatch.  

I was sadly misinformed.....

They are much larger than everyone says they are!  And once you get to the top!  You just go down and back up!  For about 200 miles give er take a few!  Oh what a day it has been.  I also had 20 more chicken nuggets (for those of you tallying them all up).

2 days till it's all over!



  1. What an accomplishment!!! Do you think you'll ever ride a bike again? Or eat a chicken McNugget?

  2. I love the last picture you posted!! It may be my favorite of the trip!! Keep pumping my boy!! After today . . . just a wake up!!! Love you!!

  3. I'm gonna keep riding! A few friends and I are actually gonna start a cycling club at LP to hopefully get more kids involved! It's the best sport ever invented!