Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Homestretch! Well..... kinda

These past  few days have been pretty exciting!  We started in Missouri yesterday!  Then we crossed the Mississippi into Illinois   Then we crossed the Ohio into Kentucky!  It was so cool!   Well.  That's about all that happened.  Oh!  But then I went exploring and found a cave!  Oh and Then it started to rain really hard!  Riding your bike in the rain is not very fun just just in case you were wondering.....  Well!  have a good night.  And stay classy San Diego!


This last one is from the bridge crossing the Mississippi.  It was a pretty cool experience.

1 comment:

  1. Oh it that all? Missouri to Mississippi to Illinois to Ohio to Kentucky? It's too bad your life ain't more action packed!

    Keep. moving. forward. As the Robinson's would say.

    BTW, are you famous yet?

    BTW, your verifier say woot! I'll second that woot and raise it to a Woot Woo!