Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Kansas!

Hello!  So ya know how everyone says that Kansas is flat?  Well it's mostly true.  But there are still hills!  I never saw this one coming!  I was expecting it to be just fields and farms and flat!  But there are small hills and trees and ugly things and cow feed places and slaughter houses of all sorts!  Whenever we are riding we always see these huge semi trucks filled with cows on their way to the slaughter house....  it's kinda sad.  But then when we eat dinner I usually get bacon burgers everywhere we go.  And I look down at my plate and see the cow that I saw in the semi truck.  It grosses me out for a second,  but then I see the bacon and just dig in.  Because bacon is good:)

Today we rode in rain for the first time.  Well, I think it was rain?  it might of just been incredibly humid and it would just drench everything.  Actually......Yeah.  That was probably it.  We are in Kingman, Kansas right now. And Matthew still thinks he is too good for Kansas...  The kid needs to learn.  Oh well.  All we can do is keep spinning!


Here are a few pics from our adventure!

 Eric got pulled over for being too handsome.
Matthew Stole the trash can from last nights hotel....dork.
See!  There are hills in Kansas!


  1. Christian! I am so entertained/impressed with this biking journey of yours! Keep it up!! I will keep checking in! Tell uncle Ed and Matthew hi for me!! Whitni

  2. Christian!!Wow! I just got this blog from your sweet mom! I had no idea you were so adventurous!! I am so so so impressed! This is something you will never ever forget!So cool! I hope you have great weather the entire trip! Guess we won't see you at TREK with your mom! Have so much fun! Be safe! Wear sunscreen!!! Karen Marcum

  3. Maybe that's why I got pulled over three times this year. I'm too handsome.

    I'm sad about the cows. Now you just need to see a bunch of pigs going to slaughter so you can kick the habit. But as Chicago always says, "it's a hard habit to break."

    You're too young for that song, aren't you?