Saturday, June 25, 2011


Howdy yall!  We made it to Virginia!  400 miles till we are DONE!   Today was a pretty average day.  We woke up at hit the Cumberland Gap.  It was a huge tunnel!  Right through the mountain!  Then when we came out on the other side.  We were in Tennessee!  Then we went into Virginia about 5 minutes later!  Then back to Tennessee!  And we did this all day long!  So I'm honestly not sure what state we are in right now.  Oh well!  It's not the ocean so it just depresses me.  We have 4 days left or as Jerry says "3 days and a wake up".  I like this more because it seems like less.  But either way!  We still have alot of spinning to do!  Today we climbed!  Much climbing!  It was just up and down!  And whoever said they were just rolling hills never road these "hills" on a bike!  Because everything seems much larger when your doing it under your own power.  Oh well.  Gramps says it puts hair on my chest.


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  1. I think I know what state you're in. A state of confusion.

    Ba dum bum. ;)

    400 miles!!!1? Woooohooooo! You can do this! You're almost there!

    Keep spinning those wheels.