Friday, June 24, 2011

Is Kentucky really Lucky?

Hello world wide web!  Christian Lyman here! And I think that Kentucky is the most beautiful place in the world!  It's so much better than the desert!  But then again..... It's not hard to beat the desert...

We have been climbing a ton lately! Something about crossing over the Appalachian Mountains.  But who knows.   And I just realized that in the past 3 days I have eaten 75 chicken nuggets.  If you would like to hear the story.  Please text me.

People are so nice!  I have always seen the human race as kinda well... I dunno.  Some people just don't go out of there way to help strangers most of the time!  But here they do!  Everyone is so nice!  I pulled over at the car this morning to take my coat off and 2 different cars pulled over to see if I was alright.  I wanted to just ask for a ride to the coast but is that considered cheating?

So Grandpa thinks that everyone and their dog should know how great he is...  The other day we get to the hotel....  and he walks inside and the first thing he says to the person at the counter is "wanna know how far I rode my bike today?"  Talk about a Stud Muffin.  The next day he went to a grocery store to get some goodies but he forgot to grab one of his bags!  So we had to go back the store later that night.  We walk up to customer service and the first thing they ask us is if we are doing that bike think with the old guy!  I LOVE MY GRANDPA!

Here are some pics of the adventure.


 Country Roads through the Country!

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  1. 75 chicken nuggets!!!??? I want to hear the story. Don't you know that for every chicken nugget you eat you have to minus two miles? It's less eating celery--minus two calories. Chicken nugget--minus two miles.

    Dude! That means you actually have 550 miles left to ride!

    So what's the first thing you're going to do when you get home? Bike bonfire?

    Beee-U-tiful pics! My best friend lives in Kentucky, btw.