Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prep Day!

today we woke up and had breakfast.  Isn't that odd?
I guess immortal people have to eat too.  Then we pulled out the good ol' bikes. I guess Jerry (one of the old guys) is super good with bikes because he knows EVERYTHING! He always has crazy stories about bears.  It's crazy.  One time he pushed one into a big trash dumpster.

 Our hands got dirty while we were fixing our bikes.

After we got all pretty we road our bikes down to the beach.  Since were going cross country and all we need to go across the whole country right?  So grandpa thought it was a good idea to ride from our hotel to the beach which is across the street.  So that way we can leave from the hotel at 5 in the morning tomorrow without going down to the beach first.  Make sense? 

So gramps has done this trip two times so far in his super long life (he's 69).  And I guess the tradition is to take your bike down to the water to put the tires in the ocean...... but we didn't want to get our socks wet or sandy so we just put them in the sand.

We are in Dana Point, CA right now but tomorrow night were hoping to ride to Indeo, CA.  Which is 130 miles away......  Pray for a tailwind.  

-Christian Lyman

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  1. I think it's appropriate that you started from Dana Point.

    Glad that you're getting your tires sandy and your hands dirty. Your grandpa makes perfect sense. And so does Jerry. I wouldn't argue with anyone who used to beat people up and push bears into dumpsters.