Saturday, May 28, 2011

First Day In California!

Today was our first day in California!  As we rolled into town, my grandpa wanted to show us where he grew up....  so we made out way to Compton. 
Growing up in Compton, CA means your a pretty cool guy.  He would always go around beating people up.

 He showed us the house he grew up in and where he use to hang out with all of his greaser friends.

While we were there there were like a million cop cars everywhere and people were getting arrested left and right.  There was one point where people started shooting while we were walking down the road.  One of the bullets flew right past Jerry's head and luckly just scalped him.  It was crazy!!!! 

 We are taking one more day to prep before we cycle to the gallows on Monday mornign. 

And words of wisdom for the day.  Always listen to you mom...  She will usually know what she's talking about.
-Christian Lyman


  1. Especially your mom. SHE, of all people always knows what she's talking about. :)

    I was digging your story, believing every word of it, until Jerry's head got skimmed. Now I'm not so sure that there were any cop cars or gun shots.

    But then Compton, you never know. My hub served there for a few months and you're right, people from Compton are pretty cool-and-the-gang. Heavy on the gang.

    Your mom looks like a cutie patootie in these photos.

    Gooooood luck with your big journey tomorrow. I'm going to be checking in every day to see where you're at.

  2. It's going to be super fun! And we're gonna have some crazy stories by the time we're done! SO KEEP READING!